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Buried Treasure: Uncover Opportunities in Your Existing Database  

The average bank or credit union only carries mortgages for roughly 6% of their retail base. That means there’s a huge opportunity to drive mortgage deal flow that boosts your bottom line while creating deeper account holder relationships that sustain your business for years to come.   

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In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to: 

  • Capture and retain share of wallet 
  • Build a long-term growth strategy 
  • Engage your account holders to boost originations by up to 20% 

Meet the speakers

Bryan Clark (1)

Bryan Clark

SVP Mortgage Banking Bryan, Dart Bank 

A 30-year mortgage industry veteran, Bryan has held leadership positions with both bank-owned and independent mortgage companies overseeing all aspects of mortgage banking including production, marketing, compliance, secondary marketing, recruiting, and training. His personal ground-level experience in every facet of mortgage lending has enabled him to manage and fully integrate all these departments within Dart Bank. In his role as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Mortgage Banking, Bryan is responsible for the vision, development, and implementation of cross-channel, strategic programs, including leading Dart Bank’s digital initiatives. His experience in the mortgage industry, combined with his education and technical background, uniquely positions him as a thought leader and digital transformation expert in the banking and mortgage industries. He holds a BS in Finance from Michigan State University. 


Ryan Picchini

VP of GTM Strategy, Total Expert

As the VP of GTM Strategy, Ryan leads Total Expert's messaging and helps quantify the value Total Expert provides to modern banks and lenders. With 15+ years experience, including roles at Adobe and Acquia, he helps organizations realize the value of investing in CX.


James White

General Manager, Banking, Total Expert

James brings over 25 years of experience helping modern depositories grow their market share and drive profitability. He was recently the VP, Chief Technology Officer, and President at Raddon, a division of Fiserv. James' has led strategic planning, product development and delivery, sales and marketing, and customer success teams—in other words, he’s pretty much done it all while working with some of the largest banks and credit unions in the world. James’ focus at Total Expert is helping to define the depository go-to-market strategy and product offering, evangelizing Total Expert’s solutions, and serving as a strategic resource to help the marketing, sales, product, and customer success teams better serve Total Expert users.

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