The Spring '21 Product Release

Discover the latest functionality and enhancements within the Total Experience Platform to empower you and your team.

Empower Productivity

Give your relationship managers the information they need in the format they want with the new, sleek Contact List.

Easily find, view, and update lists.

Organize with drag-and-drop based on your preferences.

Save list configurations for future access.

Empower Efficiency

Take ownership of your data with our new fast-as-lightning Data Importer to quickly map and import new data with just a few clicks. 
(Available May 24th) 

Quickly map, upload, and track your data.

Get real-time insight into list quality.

Get to market faster with a quick experience.


Empower Results

With our new enhanced reporting capabilities, optimize your sales and marketing activities with valuable insight.

Generate and download reports in one click.

Track landing page performance.

Make data-driven decisions.

Total Expert TrueIntent Module

Accelerate engagement with a true 360-degree view of the consumer with our newest module, TrueIntent.

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Spring 2021 Release Notes

 Review the Spring ’21 release notes to learn about the additional features and functionality that are now available to you.