5 Ways to Cultivate Customers for Life

Former Bank Marketing Leader Spills All

Looking for easy improvements to drive wider bank product usage? Dive into our latest webinar as former bank leader shares first-hand experience on how to navigate common hurdles that banks face in customer experience and increasing share of wallet.  

J.J. Slygh
Former Bank Marketing Leader
Customer Experience Consultant | Total Expert

Brittany Hodak
Chief Customer Officer | Experience.com


Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies to shift your customer onboarding strategy to “forever-boarding.
  • Findings financial institutions have learned in their pursuit of lifelong customers.
  • Tactics to increase share of wallet and decrease customer attrition, both on the consumer side and the commercial side.
  • 5 ways to create S.U.P.E.R fans and set your bank apart.

"[The webinar] was fantastic, so conversational and so informative. One of my top three webinars I have enjoyed."

 BAI Executive

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