As lenders look to reduce costs and increase profits, empowering co-marketing is a golden opportunity to increase visibility and reach in the local community as well as increase the maximum lifetime value of your customers. 

Modern lenders must empower loan officers to create and embrace partnerships with real estate agents, wealth managers and attorneys to help drive personal consumer connections and position themselves as a trusted financial partner in their local communities.  

To do that, lenders and loan officers must fill the gaps in their co-marketing strategies and learn how to:

  • Drive results with proactive co-marketing.
  • Protect against audits with centralized compliance review.
  • Stop “rogue” marketing before it starts.
  • Master pro rata co-marketing costs.
  • Implement best practices from real-world examples.

Rising demand has changed the way financial brands approach customer or member engagement. 

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The average homebuyer doesn’t dream of having a mortgage, they dream of owning a home.  

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Financial services organizations are racing  to modernize the customer or member journey to meet evolving consumer expectations.

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