The last decade has seen loan production costs skyrocket over 60 percent, as originators wait for their technology investments to drive more revenue and increase margins.

It’s no secret that organizations must move quickly when planning for the future, but they can’t afford to pay for innovation that doesn’t impact their bottom line.

Hear from Total Expert CEO Joe Welu on why mortgage lenders must bring a top-down approach to their technology if they want to finally see a return on their investment.

Learn how to:

  • Drive ROI from your evolving tech stack.
  • Connect data for better business outcomes.
  • Elevate your brand above your competitors.
How to Turn Your Salespeople into Relationship Managers

Posted by: Lori Day

On: February 13, 2019

Technology can empower your salespeople to do a lot of things, but another canned email won’t build a roster of referral partners that will help...

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More Transactions, Less Transactional Selling

Posted by: Total Expert Team

On: February 06, 2019

Today’s buyers are more informed than they used to be. The act of completing a transaction can be done in the palm of their hands with the click...

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Leverage Data to Humanize the Customer Experience and Grow Revenue

Posted by: Total Expert Team

On: January 30, 2019

The fintech market is flooded with valuable consumer information, as global data volume has increased 700 percent since 2012.

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