The last decade has seen loan production costs skyrocket over 60 percent, as originators wait for their technology investments to drive more revenue and increase margins.

It’s no secret that organizations must move quickly when planning for the future, but they can’t afford to pay for innovation that doesn’t impact their bottom line.

Hear from Total Expert CEO Joe Welu on why mortgage lenders must bring a top-down approach to their technology if they want to finally see a return on their investment.

Learn how to:

  • Drive ROI from your evolving tech stack.
  • Connect data for better business outcomes.
  • Elevate your brand above your competitors.

Today’s customer cannot simply be passed from inquiry to transaction using the same generic messaging time and time again, only to fall through th...

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Brand Building That Gives Customers What They Want

Posted by: Total Expert Team

On: March 19, 2019

Modern customers are savvy adopters of anything that makes their lives simpler or adds value. For many lenders, that has meant huge investments in...

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3 Growth Opportunities Most Financial Services CMOs Haven’t Tapped

Posted by: Total Expert Team

On: March 12, 2019

We recently wrote about four top priorities that financial services CMOs have on their plates in 2019: owning customer experience, winning...

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