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Marketing and Co-Marketing Compliance Webinar With Mitch Kider

In this recent webinar we were joined by Mitch Kider, Chairman and Managing Partner of Weiner Brodsky Kider PC. We covered a wide variety of compliance issues and an enterprise approach to managing marketing and co-marketing, including:

  • The Basics - Creating a Compliant Framework and Recommend Enterprise Policies for Compliance
  • New Media - Pitfalls to Avoid on Social Media, Live Video and More
  • Lead Buying - Risks and Compliance Concerns Associated with Lead Buying and Lead Sharing
  • Compliance Automation - The Benefits and Risks of Automating Compliance
  • Tracking and Being "Audit Ready" - How to Minimize Risk and Prepare for What Can Happen

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Hosted by:
Special Guest: Mitch Kider
Chairman & Managing Partner Weiner Brodsky Kider PC

Mitch is the Chairman and Managing Partner of Weiner Brodsky Kider PC. In his 35 years as a practicing attorney, Mitch has represented banks, mortgage companies, residential homebuilders, real estate settlement service providers, credit card issuers, and other financial service companies in a broad range of matters. Mitch represents clients in investigations and enforcement actions before the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and various state and local regulatory authorities and Attorneys General offices.

Presenter: Joe Welu
CEO & Founder - Total Expert

Joe Welu spent 15 years in the real estate industry where he sold over $1 billion worth of residential real estate before leaving to start Total Expert in 2012. Total Expert brings the industry's first end-to-end co-marketing platform designed specifically for the needs of the mortgage and real estate industries.

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