The Proven Formula for 70%+ Customer Retention

Three steps to become borrowers’ lifetime lender

This guide shares three proven strategies to convert MSRs from hypothetical loan opportunities into lifetime lending relationships and achieve 70% retention rates.

Increase Your Borrower Retention


In This Guide, You'll Learn:

  • How to achieve a customer retention rate of 60-70%.
  • Three strategies to convert MSRs into long-term relationships.
  • Our retention formula to increase profits, while decreasing spend.

“Many lenders take a seasonal, ‘one-and-done’ approach to retention marketing despite investing quite a bit of money to initially obtain the MSRs. As a result, they aren’t thought of as a preferred lender when borrowers need a new mortgage or when unexpected things like this year’s double wave market phenomenon prompt urgent and massive mortgage needs.”

Joe Welu | Founder and CEO of Total Expert