Banks have access to mountains of customer data. So why do they struggle to turn data into meaningful intelligence – and then into personalized and relevant messaging?

Segmented data silos prevent banks from having a 360-degree customer view.

The first step to making marketing engagement more personal – and therefore, better serving customers – is to break down those silos.

Discover how you can leverage data to enhance the modern customer experience, with insights to help your bank:

  • Create an amazing culture.
  • Develop actionable data strategies.
  • Identify opportunities along the customer journey.
Chris Shugart

Senior VP
South State Bank

1903_IMG_Joe Welu Headshot
Joe Welu

Founder & CEO
Total Expert

Although consumers can find just about anything they need with a simple Google search, seventy-eight percent of retail bank customers still prefer...

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Banks are continually evolving to leverage new technology and meet rising consumer expectations for convenience, value and personalization.

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Top Strategies for Driving Adoption of the Total Expert MOS

Posted by: Sue Woodard

On: March 27, 2019

Implementing a new technology solution can make or break an organization.

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