Now Tech: Retail Banking CRM, Q3 2021

Retail banks at the forefront of digital transformation are outpacing their competitors and winning customers for life. That is, with the help of technology purpose-built for their unique needs – keeping customers front and center. This report from Forrester provides an overview of 12 retail banking CRM providers. According to the report, “Today, retail banking businesses leverage CRM to deliver superior customer service experiences...attract, acquire, and retain customers…[and] enable the sales organization and its employees.”

Total Expert is included in this report within the Retail Banking CRM specialist functionality segment, which recognizes providers rooted in retail banking knowledge with banking customer needs at the forefront. According to Forrester, “Since [CRM generalists that provide retail banking go-to-market offerings] have no retail-banking-specific product capabilities, they allow customers the opportunity to build their own CRM solution with heavy customization and offer a host of integration options.”

Download your copy of the report for the full overview of CRM providers and what to consider when evaluating your banking CRM strategy.

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  • How retail banks are leveraging CRM
  • The three retail banking CRM functionality segments
  • Why Forrester predicts vertical CRM will be the preferred system of choice in the next three years
  • How retail banks can reevaluate the retail banking CRM space

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