On-Demand Webinar

The Business Case for a Marketing Operating  System




Learn How Financial Brands Using Total Expert's MOS Are Adding Millions in Revenue and Productivity



The Total Expert Marketing Operating System® (MOS) is driving amazing results in financial services, including 16 percent increases in annual loan volume — and we have proof.

In this on-demand webinar, as Forrester Consulting reveals the findings of their commissioned study, highlighting the Total Economic Impact™ of the Total Expert MOS.

See how organizations using Total Expert are: 

  • Increasing ROI by as much as 321%.
  • Increasing sales by 16% annually.
  • Earning back tech investment in under nine months.
  • Closing 5.9 more loans annually per loan officer. 




Joe Welu

CEO & Founder

Joe Welu is the Founder and CEO of Total Expert, which he started in 2012 in the basement of a real estate office.

Bob Cormier - Forrester Picture RESIZED

Bob Cormier

Vice President and Principal Consultant

Bob is a vice president and principal consultant in Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) service.