The Fall '21 Product Release is here.

Discover the latest functionality and enhancements within the Total Expert platform to empower you and your team.

Enhance the customer experience.

Acquire customers with our Workflow Engine and Communications Package that streamlines customer connections. 

Nurture customers with usability enhancements to our Journey Canvas, simplifying the ability to deliver the right message at the right time throughout the customer journey. 

Retain customers with our enhanced filtering capability within the contact list page and Campaign Builder, providing greater access and visibility to core data that can be leveraged to inform your ongoing campaign strategy. 

Move beyond first to contact. Become the first to connect.

 Total Expert for Consumer Direct is now here. Accelerate customer engagement with the first all-in-one sales and marketing platform purpose-built for direct-to-consumer lending.

Streamline your connections to acquire more customers.

With our new Workflow Engine and Communications Package, your leads are automatically connected to the best loan officer to meet their needs at scale and you’re empowered to personalize outreach with those leads via their preferred channel to create human connections Pricing is available upon request.

Journey New_

Nurture customers by delivering the right message at the right time with confidence.

Create Journeys with greater confidence with simplified editing capability, at-a-glance Journey status, expanded previewing, and improved timing control.

Retain more customers with access to core data and insights.

Accelerate personalized communication and create customers for life through the ability to filter by any custom field on a contact, loan, or product on the Contact List page or Campaign Builder.


Review the Fall '21 Product Release Notes

 Learn more about the newest functionality now available in the Total Expert platform and how it helps you and your teams enhance the customer experience.