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[Webinar] The Evolution of Consumer Direct Lending: What's Next?

Strategies to attract, engage, and retain borrowers in a dynamic marketplace

Being the first to contact a consumer is no longer enough to close the deal. The next generation of homebuyers expect lenders to provide value and personalization with each and every interaction. Couple that with a shift to a purchase market and rising lead costs, consumer direct lenders will need to evolve their processes and technology to remain competitive.

On-demand Webinar


Join industry experts as they discuss:

How to redirect the mortgage experience, given changing customer preferences.

Strategies to increase operational efficiencies and lower costs.

Best practices on cutting through the noise to reach today’s consumer.

How technology can break down data silos and what it means for lifelong customer relationships.

Insights on the future of “smile and dial” and how to redefine success in consumer direct.

Meet the Speakers:

Josh Lehr
Director of Technology Alliances, Total Expert
Jessica Gardner
Chief Marketing Officer, North American Savings Bank
Brett McCracken
Principal Consultant, McCracken and Associates Worldwide

Strategies to attact, engage, and retain borrowers in a dynamic marketplace