Don’t Send Your Refinance Opportunities into Orbit 

Total Expert has the digital tools and automated intelligence to help lenders and loan officers plan and prepare for a wave of refinance opportunities once rates begin to drop.

In this guide, we'll cover:

  • Market predictions and expectations for interest rates
  • Risks and opportunities tied to the refinance wave
  • How to leverage digital tools and technology to stay one step ahead of the inevitable rate drop, rising customer expectations, and increasing competition
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Increase retention with personalized, proactive engagement.

Interest rates are going to come down. But modern lenders and loan officers should be less concerned about WHEN they'll fall and more concerned about WHAT they'll do when customers want to refinance. By creating a strategy for how and when to engage with past customers about lower rates, you'll ensure that they come to you once they're ready to refinance.

See how Total Expert can help you build deeper relationships and create perfect financial journeys.