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Want Customers for Life? Get Personal.

Borrowers offer lenders a lifetime of potential value. They expect the same in return.

Successful loan officers must build personal, human connections to add value for borrowers. It takes a customer-first approach if you want to earn customers for life.

Hear from Total Expert CEO & Founder, Joe Welu, on how today’s technology empowers producers to drive lifelong revenue with relevant messaging across the customer journey.



Building Sound and Sustainable Sales Practices

Build a hybrid business approach for digital migration that empowers producers to drive revenue.

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The Customer Journey: Then and Now Image

The Customer Journey: Then and Now

In the past, when our grandparents wanted to buy their first home, they went down to the local bank and sat down face to face with a loan officer.

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Customer First Technology

Companies and producers who want to move the needle need to have empathy for the customer experience. Joe Welu explains how to embrace the customer mindset to meet customer expectations.

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