Webinar on Demand

From Friend to Customer: Creating Results with Social Relationships

Mortgage lenders and financial institutions understand the power of human-first connections and social media can help foster these connections. But social media success is about so much more than a like. Smart mortgage marketers are using social media to start customer journeys that flow down the full marketing funnel.

Activate a Social Media Strategy

In this webinar, co-presented with Denim Social, you’ll learn how the right tech tools can help your team easily and efficiently activate a social media strategy that closes deals. When every competitive edge matters, discover how you can make the most of your social marketing efforts.

Meet the Speakers:

Josh Lehr
Senior Director of Alliances
Total Expert
Matt Tippets
Chief Product Officer
Total Expert
Doug Wilber
Chief Executive Officer
Denim Social
Adam Christophersen
VP of Product
Denim Social