Earn Uncapped Commissions by Leveraging Your Network

Connect key decision makers you know at banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies with Total Expert.

Earn uncapped commissions by connecting your existing network with Total Expert, playing an integral role in introducing our Marketing Operating System, and encouraging your contact to close the deal. The more deals you close, the more money you make.

Together, we can empower financial brands to deliver incredible experiences and drive optimal business outcomes.

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Who is the program for?

Independent consultants

Industry influencers and thought leaders

Industry trainers

Anyone with connections to decision makers in the banking, credit union, and mortgage industry

How does it work?

1. Make a Connection

Identify a target account that you have a relationship with.


2. Submit Lead Form

Login to our web portal and complete the lead form.


3. Provide Support as Needed

Help us stay informed of where the prospect is in the buying journey.


4. Get Paid

As soon as a meeting takes place with a qualified prospect, you receive an initial upfront payment. At the close of the transaction, you will receive a percentage of the revenue.