Direct-to-Consumer: Get Ready for a New Competitive Model 

How to prepare now to improve your borrowers’ experience in the very near future

Millennial and Gen Z generations are expected to drive a marked increase in the widespread acceptance of digital mortgages. Tech-savvier consumers tend to rate the quality of this direct-to-consumer experience based on three key elements: response time to their initial inquiry; personalized communication; and valuable service throughout the entire process.  

Unfortunately, today’s direct-to-consumer lending isn’t designed to deliver this kind of superior customer experience.  


In This Guide, You’ll Learn: 

Three common obstacles that prevent lenders from meeting the direct-to-consumer expectations of Millennial and Gen Z consumers. 

Which impending market factors are going to make it even harder to find, attract, and secure borrowers searching for mortgages online. 

Three ways you can improve your direct-to-consumer lending experience. 

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