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Seal the Deal: Keep Loans from Falling Through the Cracks

Hear from Total Expert Chief Lending Officer Dan Catinella and Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC Brand Ambassador Jelaire Grillo as they discuss how to get more loans in the hands of your loan officers and drive deal flow fast with an all-in-one platform that marries intent with intelligent automation.

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They discuss:

  • How Prosperity was able to uncover 1,200 previously unknown opportunities by using the Mortgage Inquiry Alert in Total Expert Customer Intelligence​
  • The formula Prosperity uses to leverage intelligent automation while still adding the human touch consumers want and expect​
  • Why Total Expert is adopted by even the most marketing-averse loan officers

Meet the Speakers:

Jelaire Grillo

Jelaire Grillo

Brand Ambassador at Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC

Headshot_2020_SQUARE_WEB (3)

Dan Catinella

Chief Lending Officer at Total Expert

Know When Your Customers Act