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Capitalize on Video Marketing

Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert, recently hosted a webinar with Steve Pacinelli, CMO of BombBomb, to share a game-changing approach to building relationships, converting leads and increasing referrals by using video. Video messaging has fundamentally changed the way top loan officers are deepening relationships with prospects and clients while differentiating themselves.

  • Use personalized video messaging to differentiate yourself
  • Deepen relationships with prospects and clients with one-to-one video
  • See examples of others successfully using personalized video
  • Lay the groundwork for an enterprise-level video marketing strategy
  • Use video to improve lead conversion

Watch The Replay!

Hosted by:
Expert: Steve Pacinelli
Chief Marketing Officer - BombBomb

Over the past 15 years, Steve has delivered over 1000 presentations to REALTORS® in North America on the benefits of sales automation and online marketing. He co-founded Tech Savvy Agent and is now the Chief Marketing Officer for BombBomb, the leader in Relationships Through Video. His insights into consumer behavior, as well as his grasp of social media strategies, make him a leader in these quickly changing times. Steve has built businesses around several of his successful websites and blogs utilizing the power of video and wants to show you how to do the same. His information is cutting edge, but is delivered in a manner in which anyone can learn, internalize, and take action from.

Presenter: Joe Welu
CEO & Founder - Total Expert

Joe Welu spent 15 years in the real estate industry where he sold over $1 billion worth of residential real estate before leaving to start Total Expert in 2012. Total Expert brings the industry's first end-to-end co-marketing platform designed specifically for the needs of the mortgage and real estate industries.

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