Customized for Banks. Personalized to Bank Customers. 

You do not have time to reinvent how banks use CRM and marketing automation. Accelerate your journey to personalized connections with a tool molded by your peers to retail banking – retaining the best practices of the industry – to meet your specific business needs, goals, and requirements. 


As a platform molded for and by banks – that means no coding and no consultants – Total Expert comes with banking-specific capabilities you can’t get in ready-made fashion anywhere else. 




Purpose-built for retail banking leaders

Utilize industry best practices stored in the Total Expert platform to nurture and successfully deliver customers to the outcomes – debit card activation, e-statement enrollment, paired-product utilization – that are best for them and the bank.

Customers’ financial needs change throughout their lifetime. Utilize data to understand customers’ situation, tailor messaging to their needs, and initiate actions – staff or marketing automation – when messages attract interest.

Depositor retention is a function of their use of bank technology. Promote customer usage of online and mobile banking to run their financial life. Engage borrowers near the term of their loan to offer options for their next consumer, auto or HELOC loan.