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How to Welcome New Account Holders to Create Retention, Adoption, and a Deeper Banking Relationship  

The first 30 days of a depositor’s relationship with your financial institution are crucial to the depth of the banking relationship afterwards. Banks and credit unions must build trust and establish in customers’ or members’ minds that they made the right decision. Institutions also must ensure adoption of banking tools and activities that most promote depositors’ desired financial outcomes, while also securing a long-term relationship.   

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This webinar will show banking leaders the best practices that will establish their institutions as depositors’ preferred financial provider in the first 30 days of a relationship. They will also learn how a proper banking welcome becomes a powerful force in the institution–depositor relationship. 


  • How the deposit retention landscape magnifies the need for best practices when engaging new account holders  
  • What best practices make the difference between successful and unsuccessful engagement for new relationships  
  • How is technology addressing the key hurdles to and opportunities arising from a proper banking welcome 

Know When Your Customers Act