Breakout Sessions

Accelerate will feature a blend of content focused on helping financial institutions tackle market challenges, obtain new skills to maximize your use of the Total Expert platform, and learn tactical strategies to drive growth in your organization. Preview the list of featured sessions* below and check back for our full agenda coming soon.



Breaking Banks on Navigating Market Uncertainty

Join this session as Jason Henrichs, CEO of Alloy Labs, guides attendees through the market pressures that continue into 2023 and how banks can nimbly navigate this uncertainty. 


Jason Henrichs, Alloy Labs

James White, Total Expert  

A Pulse on Mortgage: Conquering the Purchase Market

From the Feds relentless focus on fighting inflation to a shortage of inventory and the need to create affordable housing, the press continues to cast doubt on the housing industry. How do you reconcile the headlines with what we know to be true – that the dream of homeownership is still strong. Learn about the state of the mortgage industry from industry experts backed by facts and a balanced outlook on what to expect in ‘23. 


Julian Hebron, The Basis Point

David Lykken, Lykken on Lending

Dan Catinella, Total Expert 

At Any Rate: Driving Deposit Growth and Retention

As rates rise, consumers are more likely to consider taking their deposits elsewhere to get a better rate. That’s an opportunity for you to welcome new deposits—but also a challenge to retain your existing base. Join us as we discuss the deposit arms race, a blueprint for growing deposits, and how to create a growth strategy. 


James White, Total Expert 

Designing the Perfect Borrower Journey

The traditional process to attract new borrowers, build a loan file, close, onboard and retain that same customer has evolved drastically over the past five years. The definition of convenience has changed and the amount of information at a borrower’s fingertips has evolved. Learn how modern lenders are reimagining the loan process, designed to meet the needs of a Gen Z buyer, and generate repeat business. 


Shashank Shekhar, InstaMortgage 

3 Ways Banks & Credit Unions Ignite Customer Relationships and Drive Growth

With a decline in branch traffic and an increase in the number of FIs each consumer works with, banks need innovative ways to ignite each customer relationship and remain relevant. In this session, gather best practices to drive higher engagement whether you are a consumer’s primary financial institution or not. 


James White, Total Expert 

Intelligent Engagement: Leveraging Trigger-Based Marketing

Knowing your customers goes beyond what accounts they hold with your institution. Enriching your data from external sources and monitoring their activity outside your firewall can provide you with opportunities to engage customers or members at key financial milestones. Learn how our customers are using multiple data sources and the Total Expert platform to drive growth and customer loyalty. 

Bryan Clark, Dart Bank

James White, Total Expert 

Recruiting Loan Officers to Better Serve Low to Moderate Income Communities

Compliant lenders are investing the time and resources to serve a segment of the market that has a unique set of needs and criteria. The investment to make inroads with this important segment requires lenders to identify, engage and convert loan officers who deeply understand those communities. Join this session to learn how Total Expert's new recruiting offering can help modern lenders with this segment of their recruiting needs.

Customer Panel: How to Combine Human and Digital Connection for Lasting Relationships

Creating material connections with customers and members can be difficult in the digital age. But technology doesn’t need to be the barrier to establishing meaningful relationships. This panel of Total Expert customers will share how they are leveraging digital tools to better engage and retain their account holders by building relationships outside their brick & mortar. 

J.J. Slygh, Total Expert 

Force Multiplier: How to Build & Expand Your Referral Partner Program

Millions of homebuyers will close smart deals in 2023 as the market shifts in their favor, but only if lenders and realtors work together to outweigh headlines that are behind the times. In this session, Total Expert’s Ryan Picchini and The Basis Point’s Julian Hebron will discuss how lenders and referral partners can win the 2023 buyer’s market together—and guide buyers and sellers into mutually successful transactions.  


Julian Hebron, The Basis Point

Ryan Picchini, Total Expert

Path to Profitability: 5 Modern Lending Strategies to Prepare for Growth

Seeking new ways to spark engagement with your lenders and help customer-facing teams grow the business? Hear from three top-performing mortgage lenders as they share the strategies that set their teams up for success to deliver an exceptional customer experience and cultivate lifelong relationships at scale. 


Kayla Powell, Movement Mortgage

Jeff Smith, Guaranteed Rate

Sarah Kubi, Fairway

David Kistler, Total Expert 

Sales Strategies from the Streets

Which strategies are paying off as originators aim to grow their business and develop lifetime relationships amid high interest rates? Hear from the experts themselves and what's empowering them to expand existing relationships and obtain new business in this market.

Total Expert Platform: The Latest & Greatest

Join members of the Total Expert product team for an update on the latest platform innovations and improvements

Focus on Results: Optimize Your Sales Process with Focused View

This breakout session will teach marketing leaders how they can more effectively reach sales targets by leveraging Focused View. The session will cover creating winning setups, intuitive outcomes, understanding your data, and coaching end users. 


John Chambers Dunn

Purpose-Built Tools + Salesforce = Exponential Growth

As a dominant player amongst banks and lenders, Total Expert saw a need to help customers connect quickly and easily to Salesforce. With the new TE for Salesforce app, we’ve made it turn-key to integrate workflows and data between the system while allowing FI’s to leverage the TE functionality that’s not available in a Salesforce deployment. Join this session to learn how we’ll help you get more out of your Salesforce investment.

Turn Data into Deal Flow with Customer Intelligence

On average, lenders only retain 23% of their past customers. It’s time to reset the industry baseline for customer retention and loyalty. In this session, Total Expert’s Chief Lending Officer Dan Catinella and a panel of Total Expert customers will share best practices and how Customer Intelligence is helping move the needle on improving customer retention rates.  

Dan Catinella, Total Expert  

Social Selling Best Practices for 2023

By now, most mortgage loan officers recognize the value social media provides to keep them competitive, but most users have only scratched the surface with their social selling programs. Whether it’s enabling MLOs to post personalized content, doubling down on follower education or supercharging a program with paid social advertising, there are opportunities to strengthen social selling programs to drive higher conversion rates. In this session, Denim Social CEO, Doug Wilber will discuss the do’s and don’ts for social selling success and how to level-up your program.  

  • Attendees will understand the principles of social selling and tactics that can drive success. 
  • Marketers will learn how integrated tools can make their digital marketing programs more efficient and scalable.  
  • Participants will be inspired to activate specific social selling tactics by real world examples.  
  • Attendees will be introduced to Total Expert and Denim Social’s platform integration. 


Doug Wilber, Denim Social

The Path of Least Resistance: How to Win for Your Sales Team

This breakout session dives into the power of the marketing role in Total Expert and what you can do to win for your sales team. Join us to discuss how marketers can lay the groundwork for success by leveraging tools like marketing published Focused Views, tasks in journeys, notification defaults, customer intelligence insights, and end-user facing Journeys to see maximum results. 

Marissa Kosin, Total Expert

Leveraging Your Supporting Actors to Drive Adoption

When looking to improve platform adoption, don’t forget to look beyond the loan officer. Join this interactive roundtable discussion to learn how your regional marketing coordinators, loan officer assistants and branch managers can be the key to high adoption and maximum value. Attendees will walk away with strategies to engage and support these groups. 

Bobbi Jo Dallas, Total Expert

Mackenzie Acri, Total Expert 

*Subject to change