Introducing the Expys!

We’re inspired by how our customers are leveraging Total Expert to drive growth and loyalty for their modern financial institutions. Nothing makes us more proud than watching our customers grow and create their own customers for life by tapping into valuable data and insights to deliver more authentic connections, richer experiences, and big outcomes. 
For the first time ever, we want to recognize and celebrate our customers who are leveraging Total Expert to drive the future of customer experience in financial services. That’s why we’re unveiling The Expys—an awards program that recognizes high achieving companies and applauds ingenuity, innovation, hard work and customer-centric strategies.  

Expys Award Categories

The Journey Wiz | Individual Award
While Total Expert makes it easy to create a customized journey, it takes a dedicated professional to cast the magic spell that drives retention and creates lifelong customers. This individual is a wizard when it comes to building Journeys that connect with prospects and customers with the right message at the right time, creating an experience that knocks their socks off. 

The Game Changer
Your organization is driving customer experience to greater heights by harnessing the power of data and putting that data into action. And the insights you've gained are driving meaningful organizational change–all while raising your profile as a strategic leader. 

The Technology Trailblazer
Putting smart technology to work and blazing the trail for the industry is built into the DNA of this organization. You’re a team of early adopters who know the power to transform lies with a strategic, modern technology stack and a willingness to drive meaningful change. 

The Automator
Eat. Sleep. Automate. Repeat. Your team is transforming manual headaches into a well-oiled machine, allowing your organization to scale and offer an amazing experience to all your customers.  

The Modernizer
You’re blowing the doors off dusty pre-conceptions of a financial institution. Your company is modernizing customer experiences through an innovative sales and marketing approach, which is in turn giving your top talent tools they can’t live without.  

The Adopter
Without universal adoption, even the most innovative technology becomes shelf ware. Your organization has created demand for Total Expert among users, driving big ROI and sending conversion rates through the roof. 

Thank you for your 2021 Expy award submissions. We look forward to unveiling the Expy award winners at Accelerate. See you in October!